4 Oct 2015


The loafer is one of those types of shoes that at first was categorized as 'grandma-shoe', but then we finally came to our senses and decided wearing loafers is hot.
One thing to remember when wearing loafers (if you would like your look to be casual instead of chic, because chic is what loafers - in my opinion - are) is to wear at least one item that is a bit more rock. In my look the denim dungaree was that.

2 Oct 2015

Streetstyle: Milano

One last street style report: Milano (I have something different in mind for Paris)
Let's see how the Italians dress themselves.

29 Sep 2015


Mixing oldies with goodies. You've seen the sweater, you've seen the skirt, but the goodies are new. The chelsea boot. One of those boots that never seem to be 'out', trend-wise. 
Preferably the black version, preferably the shiny version, to spice things up. 

26 Sep 2015

Streetstyle: LFW

Last week I did some online street style hunting in New York, today it is London's turn.
Some call it the biggest fashion city in Europe, I still think that is Paris, but in London they do a hell of a job as well.

23 Sep 2015

Over the knee

The shoe of the season: over-the-knee-boots.
Last spring they were introduced, and this fall even the ones who doubted are convinced.
I was one of those doubters, but after trying them on at home with 10 different outfits I decided they can look cool in many different ways.

21 Sep 2015

6 x bathroom tune ups

As for 'getting carried away' and 'wishing, hoping, dreaming' on this Monday morning, I think this does pretty much that. There is something magical about bathrooms.
What mine would look like? (when I'm all grown up and all)
- Minimalistic design, but no too 'clinical'. The bathroom should be the one place you can play around with furniture a little.
- Maybe a bit of a Moroccon touch: the sink, the lamps, and maybe some copper details.

17 Sep 2015

Costes x ELLE

Costes and ELLE magazine have launched a new campaign. From the new Costes fall/winter collection ELLE has picked 22 of their favorite items, and today I'm wearing two of these items: the bomber jacket and these flared pants.
Read more about this look and a little extra in today's post.