21 Oct 2014

Soft colors

Fall is here. The cold and grey days have landed and as the shivery that I am I immediately ordered a big cozy knit some weeks ago. Without noticing that it was still officially summer when ordering a actual winter knit. 
I found this one at Oasap. They have a lottttt to choose from, so much that it made internet-shopping a bit difficult. I choose the babyblue color because blue is without doubt my favorite color, and with this particular 'popcorn' knit it seemed like the perfect color for it. 

I liked mixing soft colors in this outfit, because sometimes you just can't add a 'hard' color all the sudden. In this case, it needed to stay soft, that's why all the grey and babypink is present!
Pastels aren't over yet, and I'm glad about that!   

Due to rain and a battery failure, these are the pics you have to make do with.
Hope you still like them though! Happy Tuesday!


20 Oct 2014

Emerald & fur

Two favorites of mine are back this Fall: emerald green & faux furs!
And I can't be more excited, because there was a lot of fun stuff on the runway to be seen when designers showed their Fall/Winter collection last January.

Emerald green
My absolute favorite color, together with that bright electric blue: emerald green. That color just screams darkness, magic and mysterious-ness. Not that those words define me, but, well, you get my point! On my emerald-green-wishlist: this green leather pants from Zara and this oversized knit from & Other Stories. Who will I see at the opening in Amsterdam this Friday?

Faux fur
Fur coats, fur gilets, fur skirts, even furry shoes. I can't have enough fur and I will probably add another faux fur to my collection this Fall. It just makes every outfit a bit more edgy, and I happen to like edgy. When you decide it's just a denim-plus-grey-sweater-kinda-day, a bright blue faux fur coat will do the trick, no doubt about that!
On my faux-fur-wishlist: this white/grey furry scarf from Zara and this AWESOME pink coat from Whistles. Not together though.. O and with that last one I can also cross the pastel trend of my list!

What do you think about these trends?

Click to see more!

16 Oct 2014


Helloo, hellooo people of the good life.
Sorry for the absence on the blog the past week, sometimes getting some schoolwork done is necessary too! So, what's new?
This silky blazer is. Oh, and also the Ray-Ban Aviator sunnies, both bought in Amsterdam last week. Amsterdam is always a good idea, and most of the time I'm not going home empty handed!
I'm glad I added this blazer to the family, it has the perfect silhouette, eventhough I bought it - deliberately - in a size L. You know me and oversized.
I added some mesh and a paint-spotted jeans to the whole look, I wanted to bring out the fun of this 'different but basic' blazer.
So, what do you think about this latest addition? More new stuff is yet to come on the blog, stay tuned for that! Sorry for the overkill of pictures, btw..

For the Dutchies:
Speaking about denim, The Sting geeft in november een groot feest. Jij maakt kans op vip tickets, een jaar lang gratis jeans en een outfit twv 100 voor de avond! Ga snel naar de site!


14 Oct 2014

The Eye Wish Opticiens show

A few weeks ago I attended the first 'eyewear fashion show' - brillenmodeshow - ever. It was hosted by Eye wish Opticiens, a known optician in this little country. And the best part? It was held in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam!  I've never been there after it was renovated last year and it was pretty awesome, such a old but pretty building!
It all started with some drinks and snacks and after a while the show started. May-Britt Mobach was the host of the evening, and although she did a good job, my attention was more drawn towards here shoes, so cool! Afterwards all guests could enjoy several workshops.
I did went home with a goodiebag and with a big thanks to Eye Wish Opticiens I now finally own a classic Ray-Ban aviator, sunnies I've wanted for ages!



10 Oct 2014

Boohoo brown

My third and final look from the 3-ways-to-wear trilogy. What it is all about? These black Chelsea boots from Invito!
Today I styled them the girly way by adding a dress. Yes, my second look contained a dress too, and it's also the second time I'm wearing brown in an outfit, because so I did in the first look. If you are familiar with my history of outfits you'd probably know that I don't wear brown that often. Never, actually. It's a bit of a mommy-color, if you ask me.
Then again, it cán look very classy/playfull/boohoo-like, so why the hell not?
These shots were taken when the sun was still out. I'm currently curled up in a wool blanket with some hot tea, no more bare legs for me. 

Did I convince you to buy these amazing chelsea boots that pretty much go with everything?
And which of the three looks is your favorite? Let me know!
Happy weekend!


8 Oct 2014


The second look for my 3-ways-to-wear with the Invito Chelsea boots.
Actually, each outfit includes one black item, besides the key-item: the boots. I wanted to make 3 different looks, as is also the intention of a 3-ways to wear.
The first look was kind of an edgy look with leather and leopard, this second look is more rock: a leather jacket, the girly dress, some studs, and ofcourse the Chelsea's. They literally go with anything. Only last week, I wore them going to the market to get flowers, when I went for a little shopping spree - and got nothing, by the way - and for the occasional babysitting they fit just right too. Convenient, right: comfy and rock?

So, what about look two?
Also, today is the LAST day to enter the Cluse giveaway for a chance to win any watch you like from their website. Enter here!


6 Oct 2014

3 ways to wear: Chelsea boots

The chelsea boots: they are back. Or did they never left?
This season they come in all kinds of colors, sizes, fabrics, you name it and the stores have it.
But I went for the classic chelsea boot: black & low, made out of leather with a little 'damaged' effect.
This is actually my first 3-ways-to-wear post and what better way to do that than with my one and only true addiction: shoes.

Look 1
Today is about the first look: leopard and leather. Can be very good, ís very good, but I always thought it was a tricky look. It can be a bit trashy from time to time, so styling it well is very important. And keeping it simple and 'calm' is too! The boxy leather top did it's job making the look less sexy. Oversized and boxy are just the way I like it and in this case - just like the chelsea boots - that was what made this look an every day kinda look.

So, what do you think about this first look? Are the chelsea boots the perfect match with the rest of the outfit?  Let me know!
More about look 2 and 3 later on, so stay tuned!


1 Oct 2014


September, the month that announces the end of summer and the beginning of fall. 
That's exactly what you will see in these outfits. It got colder, but every now and then there was a sunny day in between grey and wet days and the skirt and shorts came out of the closet again. 
It's kind of sad that summer is almost gone - especially because this little frogland always seems to skip on sunny days - but I guess the upcoming seasons have their own qualities!
I'm not quit ready though, need some winterboots, a coat and looots of sweaters!

Which of the outfits from September is your favorite? Mine is the one with the gold skirt, for sure!