21 Dec 2014


A tote in a simple non-color, like black, grey or brown, should be in every girl's wardrobe. Just this week I received this pretty tote from SPRDLX and it might be the bag that makes me forget about all the others I own. The leather, the minimalistic design and the darkgrey color makes we want to wear it all day everyday. 
SPRDLX - SuperDeluxe - is a Dutch brand which makes to most beautiful leather bags and other goods. Only the softest Italian leathers is used, and it smells so good too! 

As you could have seen on Instagram and Facebook and I brought my ANNA tote with me. I will make and post my first movie with this bag soon, showing you guys in what situations a bag like this is essential! 



17 Dec 2014

Cachicci blogger battle

Last Monday I went to Cachicci headquaters. I'm joining their bloggers battle, along with some other Dutch bloggers.
Their showroom was so spacey, clean and minimalistic, just the way I like it!
I had to pick some items and create an outfit with those items. I chose an army green bomberjack, a very cool black long top from The Ragged Priest and some see-through sunnies, to match my heels.
What do you think about the look I styled?

The battle will be online in about a week, maybe sooner maybe later. Will you vote for my look?
Here are the pictures of the look I created and of the Cachicci showroom.


12 Dec 2014

Girl in the green scarf

How happy am I with this new furry scarf? Very.
As you might remember it was on my birthday wishlist, and now it's finally mine! I spotted a two-tone scarf on one of the Olsen sisters a while ago, and ever since I saw this one on Asos I new it was going to hang around my neck very soon.
Also I actually need a scarf like this, since the destination I will be leaving for in less than a week has some cold cold temperatures in store for me. 
I styled the scarf with an all black look, adding some fringe to spice things up at bit. Shiny boots, a striped sweater & some colorblocking fur always works for me!

Eventhough this scarf is nothing like the pretty silky one in the movie, I just had to name this post this way. If tou haven't seen it, go watch it ASAP: Shopaholic! (I'm not saying it's good, it's just the definition of a girls night!)


10 Dec 2014

The best of Costes sale

With a cup of hot jasmin green tea, I installed myself behind my computer, scrolling through the sales. Christmas is coming and we can buy (and get) our favorite pieces on sale, how much cozier can it get?
Today I selected my favorite items from Costes for you, as their online sale starts tonight. 
The blue and grey colors are very present in this selection, because those are definitely my top colors this season. I actually tried on the babyblue coat in store and it's super soft and warm! I might run to the store tomorrow and get it, before it's gone. 
Tell me what items you would love to buy! And maybe, because you have been so good this year, get yourself that item! Nothing wrong with getting yourself a little present (and putting it underneath the Christmas tree and act all surprised when unwrapping it)

I am actually off buying a Christmas tree myself now, because picking the perfect one and decorating it at home is kind of my thing. A little nostalgy.


1. Bucket bag | 2. Blue coat | 3. Fur vest | 4. Cupro dress | 5. Striped top | 6. Blue suede jacket | 7. Scarf | 8. Grey knit
 | 9. Bracelet


7 Dec 2014

In between

The other day my mom came home with this very cool faux fur coat, and ofcourse I had to try it on. What's more fun than expanding the choices by using your moms closet every now and then? It looks a bit like the teal blue one I own, but this is also a very cool color, somewhere in between grey and purple.

What is everybody doing on this cold Sunday morning?
My schedule: study, study, and more.. study!
Next week I have some fun blog-events and in two weeks I will be going to a very large country somewhere far far away!
So I guess, with those thoughts in the back of my mind, I must be motivated enough to get sh*t done!


4 Dec 2014

Ready to wear | 1

A quick 'ready to wear'-outfit on the blog today. This is actually the first time I post something like this, and I might just start posting it every week!
I'm more than ready to wear all the items below. Ever since I saw the light purple faux fur coat from Whistles on Charlotte from the Fashionguitar, it has been on my mind. It's so freakin' cold and this furry friend is so freakin' good!
Those boots have been on my mind too and that is why they are already on their way to me.
So, this pretty much describes my mood today! Light colors, stripes and pointy boots!

Have a nice day and byeeeeeeeeeee for now!


Black boots | Zara
Purple fur | Whistles
Striped top | Cos
Earcuff | Monki
Denim dungarees | One teaspoon

1 Dec 2014

Because of the white wall

Besides the 'square eyes' there is another side-effect from sitting behind your desk, staring at your computer all day every day.
When it comes to picking out inspirational outfits, I've seem to have lost my inspiration.
Maybe it's the heavy cold that is making me only want to wear big knits, maybe it's indeed my thesis that is making me only want to wear comfortable outfits.
Whatever it may be, it got me thinking: due to the fact that I have to wright my thesis in 3 weeks and have not much of a social life right now, my blog is also going to be on the backburner, but because of that I will only post content that I'm a 100% happy with. Agreed?

This look is from last week, a simple 'to go' outfit, but still fun because of the leopard print and the patent leather boots. The white wall was a pretty good find though, and I had to share. What do you think, is leopard still a go?
By the way, there are only 2 days left to enter the giveaway from TheMusthaves! You can win the 'I woke up like this' shirt! Enter here.

Happy Monday!


29 Nov 2014

The fab season

I realized the other day the holiday season is just around the corner. Christmas is coming and so is New Year's Eve, and wether it will bring us some snow this year - I'm not sure if I really want it to start snowing though - we still have to look at our very bests when the festivities begin.
That's why I lined up three party outfits: dresses, pants & skirt included. I hope you like it!

Some tips & tricks to survive the outfit-stress:
- Let's admit: New Year's Eve is about glitter and glamour, but don't overdo it! Let's just do one item with sequins, and keep the rest calm. (read: black)
- Blake Lively in Gossip Girl can pull it off, but let's not do too short or too much of a cleavage. Your grandpa may fall flat on his face..
- It doesn't have to cost that much. When you are on a budget, just spend a bit more on the eyecatcher-item (the dress, for example) When doing this, the cheaper accessories will not look cheap at all next to it.


1. Sequin dress from Boohoo | 2. Earrings from Boohoo | 3. Glitter boots from Zara

1. River Island fur bag | 2. Mango palazzo pants | 3. Weekday golden top | 4. Boohoo furry heels

1. Blue top | 2. Ted Baker clutch | 3. Stiletto from Zara | 4. Skirt from Marco de Vincenzo