3 Jul 2015


The off shoulder trend got to me. 
This top with it's elegant pinstripe was more dan welcome, since I don't really own 'sexy' clothing. 
It's not that it's short, nor that it shows boob - which pretty much sums up sexy clothing - but the bare shoulders just made me feel very feminine.
I added a new pair of denim shorts, because one can never have enough of those during summer. Speaking of summer, there is a serious heatwave going on in my little country. 

27 Jun 2015


Amsterdam is all about 'it doesn't matter what you wear'.
If I wore something different in my small hometown, or even in Utrecht, people look. And that's ok, but I guess people not looking is just that bit more relaxing. Unless you're in it for the shock of course.

24 Jun 2015

An ode to Docs

They’ve made a real comeback, a return from oblivion.
You probably remember them as those big clunky boots from back in the days, usually worn in punk/rock/heavy metal looks.
Those are not exactly the ‘your-everyday-look’ kind of looks. But on the other hand, these 
iconic shoes from Dr Martens are not your ordinary boots as well.

16 Jun 2015

With the flow

Summer in the city, it is finally here!
Some good days, some bad days and some medium days as wel, but I'm more than ready. 

9 Jun 2015

Interior: my room in Amsterdam

One week ago I moved to Amsterdam, and one week later I never want to leave this city..
I promised you guys a little peak inside, so here it is!
I could not make up my mind about how to furnish my new room until the day I moved in, but I did know I wanted it to be an upgrade.
My old room was all about getting it as white and clean as possible, but let's be honest: when being a student that's just not always the case.
My new room is all about white too, but with some nice extra touches.

5 Jun 2015

Denim days

I've been a bad blogger.
Blame it on moving, blame it on the bad weather (which all the sudden turned tropical yesterday) but facts are facts: I need to be back on my a-game, and fast!