21 May 2015

Last days in Cannes

Already my last look from Cannes.
The last three days in France were all about sunshine, cycling and visiting the beach.
And when going into town after a full day of sun to get some ice-cream, I always like to slip into a simple yet fun outfit.

16 May 2015


The perfect denim dungarees: I got it!
It's the piece of the season, and I'm already searching for a perfect blue one as well.
I've tried lots of different combo's, and everything just seems to fit.

15 May 2015

Polette giveaway

It was about time for me to do another giveaway again!
I teamed up with Polette, remember, where I got the real cool blue shades in this post from?
Today you can win yourself a pair of glasses - sunnies and normal glasses, that is.
The winner can pick her/his own frame and glasses, it is totally up to you!
I just ordered this blue-and-leopard one, it's not inn yet but I'm already a fan!

13 May 2015


The embroidery dress, it's one of those comeback-items.
It is also one of those items that you can wear both beach- and city related trips.
I got mine at Oasap, and it's a perfect fit. I'm happy with the fact that this dress is just so simple but fun at the same time.

7 May 2015

Les espadrilles

A pair of black and white cheetah print espadrilles, made out of suede and pony hair.
It's a mouth full, but I was so very happy when I received this cute pair from Sacha.
Especially since I'm in France at the moment, and it's that perfect not-too-hot-not-too-cold kind of weather.

4 May 2015

Le port

Bonjour! I have beach hair, but I don't care.
Holidays are for sandy feet and tangled hair. 
Holidays are also for dresses I only got to wear one time last summer, so when surrounded with palmtrees and blue water here in France I thought it was time again. The blue and purple do match very well together, if you ask me.