3 Mar 2015

Highlights LFW & MFW

London is technically a 1 hour flight away from Amsterdam.
I still don't really know why I've never been there before, eventhough it's so close.
I hear it's a magical city, so maybe it should be on top of my 'to do citytrips-list'.
(I do not have a list like that but I should)
Anyway, two weeks ago it was London who experienced the fashion madness, and last week it was Milan's turn. And just like I did with New York, here are the highlights of both cities!

Favorite show
Eventhough it's not a wearable collection - at all - Moschino was the show we all talked about. Jeremy Scott always knows how to surprise us and it's always fun to watch.

Moschino, Milan

Favorite model
Doutzen opened the Fendi show, and eventhough she looks a bit scary in this particular pic, she is a stunner. And besides that, I'm automatically a fan because she is a Dutchie too.

Fendi, Milan

Favorite collections
BIG love for both these collections. Very opposites collections - Topshop very feminine and Sass & Bide very black and bold - but I would want to have both collections hanging in my closet right now!

Topshop Unique, London

Sass & Bide, London

Favorite piece
Oke, actually two favorite pieces. The fur - ofcourse - and this aaaawesome leather jacket from the Fausto Puglisi show.

Blumarine, Milan
Fausto Puglisi, Milan

This week it's Paris's turn and that will be my last fashionweek report of the season! 
This upcoming week I'm freeee so expect some more blogpost again!


23 Feb 2015

Out and about

Brown is not really my color. It's not that I hate it, it's not that it doesn't look good on me - sorry for this arrogant remark, but let's face it; brown can practically go with every haircolor and because of that it also looks good with blonde - but I just don't wear it a lot.
Not dark brown, not camel, just no.
But every now and then I find myself really liking it and all of the sudden wearing it. Like today!
I wanted to show you guys the shirtdress in another perspective, because in this look it was tucked away underneath a big sweater, now it's out and about! So, what about this shirtdress trend?

Anyway, starting the week with a fresh new look,  simple and casual. What is everybody up to this week? It's actually my very last week of studying, next week I have to hand in my thesis and hopefully never look upon that thing ever again. Yep, I'm pretty over it.
March is all about blogging and finding myself a job or internship in New York city, so please do share if you happen to know something!


22 Feb 2015

Highlights NYFW

New York fashionweek is over. I wasn't there, but I actually felt like I was, because there were so many updates and pictures from everybody in the fashionscene on all the social media channels. Besides the fact that I heard it was extremely COLD, what other highlights (or lowlights) are there?

Favorite shows
I watched Tommy Hilfiger's 30th anniversary on live stream and I love it! The scenary, the theme, it all looked so good and it was exactly what you'd expect from an anniversary like that.

Favorite models
I'm not really into models, to be honest, but it's true that they actually can make or break a fashionshow. The face of Gigi Hadid was all over the internet, and I must say, she is a stunner! And besides that, she has a very cool style when off-duty!

Favorite collections
The Diesel Black Gold collection was very black and very wearable. The leather and lace are a perfect match together.
The Rag & Bone collection was a favorite too. I loved some of the outstanding pieces and there was a great color mixing happening over there.
Last but not least, the 3.1 Philip Lim collection was beautiful, and wearable as always. The bomber is on my wishlist for sure!

Diesel Black Gold
Rag & Bone
3.1 Philip Lim
Favorite piece
I must say, this piece is without doubt my favorite. And yes, that is so predictable of me, but I guess my fake furs are not going anywhere next fall.
Also. That feather-like skirt from Lela Rose is a dreamer.

Michael Kors
Lela Rose
Up next: London! (also watching the shows from behind my desk, though)
Happy Sunday, guys!


19 Feb 2015

Lucky pull

A while ago I blogged about the mixing prints-trend, and this is kind of the perfect example.
These are the types of blouses I always call 'loggers blouses', because, well, they really are.
I got mine at Oasap and I had the perfect look with it in my mind.
Not this look, though. This was actually one of those lucky pulls (read: you pull one item out of your closet to go with it and it seems to be an instant match)
To turn the loggers look around, I went with leopard instead of the usual blue jeans/leather jacket that everyone seems to wear with these blouses.
And then all there was left to do was adding some black: black faux fur, a black crossbody bag and black slip ons.
So in my opinion this 'lucky pull' turned out in a casual look with an extra twist. What do you think?
And yes, it is still waaay too cold for those shoes, I know that now.

Did you enter the La Strada giveaway? You can win yourself a pair of shoes, any pair you like!
Enter here! Happy Thursday, guys!


16 Feb 2015


Hi on this cold Monday morning!
A new week, a new outfit, and I have something to say about three of the items I'm wearing so here it goes:

The knit
BIG! That's one word to describe this knit. And also: awesome, perfect & soft.
It's actually my moms, she just got it and I already stole it for the day.
It's the first time for me wearing a turtleneck, I must say: not really my cup of tea. In this look I'm kind of pulling it off - if I may say so myself - because it's such a big turtleneck, but I guess a tighter one would not have worked at all.

The shirtdress
A shirt that is also a dress, how convenient? I got mine from Motelrocks and besides the fact that this will be my everyday summersuit in a few months, it's perfect on (cold) days like these too! It's all about details, it adds a little extra to this outfit.

The bag
A short movie - my first movie, actually - about this everyday-tote from SPRDLX is coming up in a bit!

I think these items all mixed together make a real good cozy winter ensemble. You agree?
New York fashionweek kicked off last week and eventhough we are all not there, we still can enjoy it as if we are! It's Tommy Hilfiger's turn today and Kleding.nl set up a live stream to watch the show this afternoon at 17.00 sharp! Watch it here.


15 Feb 2015

Trending: flares

Numerous magazines and fashionbloggers have their opinion ready about the flared pants.
It is coming back and everyone seems to embrace this trend.
I remember it well, like it was yesterday, that I heard skinny jeans were in fashion, and I hated those jeans. I named them 'carrot shaped jeans', because of the narrow leg. Nowadays I can't do without them. But what about this flared jeans trend? Let's discuss!
It seems like this trend is something 'you just need to try'. It also seems to work with a lot of different styles: a leather jacket on top, an oversized blouse on top, a tight croptop, you name it!

No go
It aint the Wild West over here: those wide legs are only meant for cowboys. And besides that, what the hell kind of shoes are we supposed to wear? Heels, I presume, but we just can't walk in those feet killing machines all day..

I am in the 'go' team this time. I will for sure try this trend, just to find out if it is something that fits me. Maybe it's just the cool vibe of these pics, but I need to see it for myself.
I selected some of the coolest flared jeans, so be sure to click on 'read more'!


10 Feb 2015

The fringe jacket

Stating the obvious: I have a thing for blue lately. When I saw this pretty piece at Costes, priced down and all, I could not just leave without it.
I doubted for a minute - longer actually, I always doubt waaay too long - because I just added a short/darkblue jacket to my collection, but then again: this one is different in so many ways!
This was exactly my goal one year ago: adding valuable pieces to your wardrobe which can be worn for yeaaars and will only get more beautiful, because that's what time does to leather.
I styled this fringe jacket with a new striped sweater from Oasap, to keep the rest of the look clean and simple.
Sorry for the lack of updates the past week, I'm a bit busy!
A lot of new stuff is coming to the blog though, so stay tuned! In the mean time, did you enter the La Strada giveaway yet? You can win any pair of shoes you like!

What do you think about fringe jackets, and in particular: this one? And is my obsession with blue getting a little bit out of hand?


7 Feb 2015

Giveaway - Win a pair of La Strada shoes! {Closed}

As promised, a new fun giveaway to get us through that cold February month.
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